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Nature-oriented premium camping and stylish Holiday lofts on the fringes of the National Parc Kellerwald-Edersee


freiloftis a pun of outdoor and loft (-residence) and combines life in a natural environment designed according to ecological aspects and meeting high standards of comfort. Townspeople find here a rural place of retreat and respite from everyday life.



The sustainable resort

On the edge of the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee a sustainably designed premium campsite arises. It includes all year rentable accommodation (holiday lofts), a meadow for tents, some caravan pitches and a central building with reception, café and toilets. In addition, there is a natural swimming pool, sauna and spa, a nature oriented playground and a freely usable herb garden. The equipment of the resort combines ecology and comfort and is based on the motto "less is more".

Guests of the holiday lofts (cabins)

Target group of freiloft are not typical campers, but families with younger children as well as couples between 40 and 60 who are looking for rest, relaxation and who want to get in touch with the nature and do not want to sacrifice comfort, service and style. This group represents a lifestyle that is based on health and sustainability, and is referred to as LOHAS ("Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability").

We assume that the majority of guests will be arriving for the duration of a weekend up to about ten days. We expect a catchment area within a radius of 250 km. This area includes the cities of North and Central Hesse, southern Lower Saxony and Westphalia, the Rhine-Main metropolitan areas and the Ruhr, and additionally the Netherlands.

Nature oriented Premium Camping

In other European countries, comparable forms of camping are already established and depaint in the concept of "Glamping": Glamping is a word created from "glamorous" and "camping" and refers to a tourist offer that links style and aesthetics with orientation by nature and simplicity.

freiloft is also ecologically, economically and socially sustainable aligned. Freiloft is positioned in the medium price segment (price per cabin on the season 90-135 Euros per night).



Modern equipment

freiloft's central place is the café with terrace in the main building. The café is designed as a communicative community space. Through its service, its delicious food and drinks, its modern and comfortable interior, the available newspapers and magazine mirrors and the lendable books and games the café invites you to linger and to unforced conviviality.

The site's facilities also include

  • shopping facility in the main building
  • herb garden for the guests
  • performant Wii
  • natural swimming pool
  • sauna

Enjoying the region

freiloft invites its guests to enjoy the many local specialties (eg sources of Kleinern, the local sausage "Ahle Wurscht" from the farmer, moorland sheep and venison from the national park, Dülfershof cheese, fish from the lake Eder). It is possible to try these dishes in the café, to purchase them on site and to experience their production as part of field trips.

Full service

For the comfort of the guests premium services are offered such as

  • morning rolls and newspaper delivery service
  • breakfast buffet and snacks in the café
  • cleaning service for the Holiday Lofts
  • spa services (massage and sauna)
  • pick-up and drop-off service

Activities and Events

Regularly smaller events such as cooking classes and wine tastings are offered to the guests. In the Info Center, the guests will find information about the national park and activities in the environs (hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, golfing, sailing, fishing). A close link with providers of tourist services will be held (eg, direct hire of bicycles, e-bikes, canoes, etc.).



Terrain of the Premium Campsite

We are looking for a semi-natural terrain of at least three acres in close proximity to the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee . It should be located away from major traffic arteries in scenic surroundings, outside of villages or on the outskirts. It has to be developed and provided with the necessary supply lines.


"Less is more" is also the principle according to which the freiloft buildings are designed by architects. So the comfortable Holiday Lofts are deliberately reduced to the basic functions such as cooking and eating, sleeping and sanitation and limited in size to a maximum of 50m². All buildings of freiloft are built from natural materials, heated by geothermal energy and equipped with solar panels.

Expansion and investment

In the final stage the park will consist of the 30 single-storey houses a maximum of 50 m² and one one-to two-storey main house with a size of about 250 m². All the buildings are constructed according to the zero energy standard. We expect an initial investment of approximately € 2.5 million and a total investment of approximately € 4.5 million within five years. For the short term two full and three half-time jobs will be created. In the mid term their number will increase to five full and three half posts.


To supply the capital requirements for the planned development and the further expansion, the legal form of joint-stock company is scheduled at a later stage. Thus, the capital market is addressed alongside equity, loans and grants. Ecologically sustainable investments are in vogue and can be served well with the freiloft AG.


freiloftis a pun of outdoor and loft (-residence) and combines life in a natural environment designed according to ecological aspects and meeting high standards of comfort. Townspeople find here a rural place of retreat and respite from everyday life.


freiloft - premium camping in smart shacks

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